Option Descriptions

Options are accessible through the '=' command, which provides an interface to the various sets of options available to the player.

In the descriptions below, each option is listed as the textual summary which is shown on the "options" screen, plus the internal name of the option in brackets, followed by a textual description of the option.

Note that the internal name of the option can be used in user pref files to force the option to a given setting, see "customize.txt" for more info.

Various concepts are mentioned in the descriptions below, including "disturb", (cancel any running, resting, or repeated commands, which are in progress), "flush" (forget any keypresses waiting in the keypress queue), "fresh" (dump any pending output to the screen), and "sub-windows" (see below).

User Interface Options

Rogue-like commands '[rogue_like_commands]'
Selects the "roguelike" command set (see "command.txt" for info).
Use old target by default '[use_old_target]'
Forces all commands which normally ask for a "direction" to use the current "target" if there is one. Use of this option can be dangerous if you target locations on the ground, unless you clear them when done.
Automatically clear -more- prompts '[auto_more]'
The game does not wait for a keypress when it comes to a '-more-' prompt, but carries on going.
Always pickup items '[pickup_always]'
Automatically picks up items when you walk upon them, provided it is safe to do so.
Always pickup items matching inventory '[pickup_inven]'
Like pickup_always, but picks up an item only if it is a copy of an item that you already have in your inventory.
Notify on object recharge '[notify_recharge]'
This causes the game to print a message when any rechargeable object (i.e. a rod or activatable weapon or armour item) finishes recharging. It is the equivalent of inscribing '{!!}' on all such items.
Show flavors in object descriptions '[show_flavors]'
Display "flavors" (color or variety) in object descriptions, even for objects whose type is known. This does not affect objects in stores.
Center map continuously '[center_player]'
The map always centres on the player with this option on. With it off, it is divided into 25 sections, with coordinates (0,0) to (4,4), and will how one section at a time - the display will "flip" to the next section when the player nears the edge.
Disturb whenever viewable monster moves '[disturb_near]'
Disturb the player when any viewable monster moves, whenever any monster becomes viewable for the first time, and also whenever any viewable monster becomes no longer viewable. This option ignores the existence of "telepathy" for the purpose of determining whether a monster is "viewable".
Show damage player deals to monsters '[show_damage]'
Shows the damage that the player deals to monsters for melee and ranged combat in the messages.
Hightlight target with cursor '[show_target]'
Highlights the current targeted monster with a cursor. Useful when combined with "use old target by default"
Use special colors for torch-lit grids '[view_yellow_light]'
This option causes special colors to be used for "torch-lit" grids. Turning this option off will slightly improve game speed.
Animate multi-coloured monsters and items '[animate_flicker]'
Certain powerful monsters and items will shimmer in real time, i.e. between keypresses.
Player color indicates low hit points '[hp_changes_color]'
This option makes the player '@' turn various shades of colour from white to red, depending on percentage of HP remaining.
Show unique monsters in a special colour '[purple_uniques]'
All "unique" monsters will be shown in a light purple colour, which is not used for any "normal" monsters - so you can tell at a glance that they are unique. If you like the idea but don't like the colour, you can edit it via the "interact with colors" option.
Show walls as solid blocks '[solid_walls]'
Walls are solid blocks instead of # for granite and % for veins. Veins are coloured darker than granite for differentiation purposes.
Show walls with shaded backgrounds '[hybrid_walls]'
Walls appear as # and % symbols overlaid on a gray background block. This overrides '[solid_walls]'.
Allow mouse clicks to move the player '[mouse_movement]'
Clicking on the main window will be interpreted as a move command to that spot.
Use sound '[use_sound]'
Turns on sound effects, if your system supports them.

Birth options

Randomize the artifacts (except a very few) '[birth_randarts]'
A different set of artifacts will be created, in place of the standard ones. This is intended primarily for people who have played enough to know what most of the standard artifacts do and want some variety. The number, findability and power of random artifacts will all match the tandard set - approximately.
Use previous set of randarts '[birth_keep_randarts]'
Does what it says on the tin. Note that this option must be set at the END of the game, from the death menu. Once you have restarted the game, it is too late to set it (but you can still un-set it if you change your mind). Note that switching to non-random artifacts will wipe randarts, regardless of this option.
Monsters learn from their mistakes '[birth_ai_learn]'
Allow monsters to learn what spell attacks you are resistant to, and to use this information to choose the best attacks. This option makes the game very difficult and is not recommended.
Force player descent '[birth_force_descend]'
Upwards staircases do not work. All downward staircases, including the one in town, transport the character one level below the previous maximum depth. Recalling from the dungeon works and brings the character to the town. However, recalling from town brings the character one level below the previous maximum depth. The character cannot recall from quest levels until the quest is complete, however you will be warned before descending into a quest level. Any status effects that sometimes teleports the character up and sometimes teleports them down will always choose down. When combined with the option for word of recall scrolls to have no effect, this recreates the previous "ironman" option.
Word of Recall has no effect '[birth_no_recall]'
Word of Recall scrolls have no effect. When combined with the option to force player descent, this recreates the previous "ironman" option.
Restrict the creation of artifacts '[birth_no_artifacts]'
No artifacts will be created. Ever. Just how masochistic are you?
Don't stack objects on the floor '[birth_no_stacking]'
Items dropped on the floor will spread out instead of stacking. Normal items will disappear if there is no empty grid within a radius of three squares.
Lose artifacts when leaving level '[birth_no_preserve]'
Normally if you leave a level with an unidentified artifact on it you may still find it later. With this option on, if you leave a level with an artifact on it's gone for the rest of the game whether you knew it was there or not. Note that this option has no effect on artifacts which you have already identified (i.e. picked up) - these will always be permanently lost if you leave a level without taking them with you.
Don't generate connected stairs '[birth_no_stairs]'
Normally, if you go down stairs, you start the new level on an up staircase, and vice versa (if you go up stairs, you start the next level on a down staircase). With this option on, you will never start on a staircase - but other staircases up and down elsewhere on the level will still be generated.
Don't show level feelings '[birth_no_feelings]'
The "quality" of a level is never revealed, no matter how long you spend on the level.
Increase gold drops but disable selling '[birth_no_selling]'
Shopkeepers will never pay you for items you sell, though they will still identify unknown items for you, and will still sell you their wares. To balance out income in the game, gold found in the dungeon will be increased if this option is on.
Start with a kit of useful gear '[birth_start_kit]'
Start with items, a useful option for new players, or ones that wish to descend immediately into the dungeon. If turned off, the character will start with additional gold with which to purchase starting gear.

Cheating options

Peek into monster creation '[cheat_hear]'
Cheaters never win. But they can peek at monster creation.
Peek into dungeon creation '[cheat_room]'
Cheaters never win. But they can peek at room creation.
Peek into something else '[cheat_xtra]'
Cheaters never win. But they can see debugging messages.
Know complete monster info '[cheat_know]'
Cheaters never win. But they can know all about monsters.
Allow player to avoid death '[cheat_live]'
Cheaters never win. But they can cheat death.

Window flags

Some platforms support "sub-windows", which are windows which can be used to display useful information generally available through other means. The best thing about these windows is that they are updated automatically (usually) to reflect the current state of the world. The "window options" can be used to specify what should be displayed in each window. The possible choices should be pretty obvious.

Display inven/equip
Display the player inventory (and sometimes the equipment).
Display equip/inven
Display the player equipment (and sometimes the inventory).
Display player (basic)
Display a brief description of the character, including a breakdown of the current player "skills" (including attacks/shots per round).
Display player (extra)
Display a special description of the character, including some of the "flags" which pertain to a character, broken down by equipment item.
Display player (compact)
Display a brief description of the character, including a breakdown of the contributions of each equipment item to various resistances and stats.
Display map view
Display the area around the player or around the target while targetting. This allows using graphical tiles in their original size.
Display messages
Display the most recently generated "messages".
Display overhead view
Display an overhead view of the entire dungeon level.
Display monster recall
Display a description of the most monster which has been most recently attacked, targetted, or examined in some way.
Display object recall
Display a description of the most recently selected object. Currently this only affects spellbooks and prayerbooks. This window flag may be usefully combined with others, such as "monster recall".
Display monster list
Display a list of monsters you know about and their distance from you.
Display status
Display item list
Display a list of items you know about and their distance from you.

Left Over Information

The 'hitpoint_warn' value, if non-zero, is the percentage of maximal hitpoints at which the player is warned that he may die. It is also used as the cut-off for using the color red to display both hitpoints and mana.

The 'delay_factor' value, if non-zero, will slow down the visual effects used for missile, bolt, beam, and ball attacks. The actual time delay is equal to 'delay_factor' squared, in milliseconds.