About Angband

Angband started life as a game called Moria in the 1980s in a programming language called VMS Pascal, later made the transition to C, as UMoria, and eventually become Angband in the early 1990s. To be honest, it's amazing that it's still going, and part of that is because there is an active and vibrant community of players and an always-changing set of active variants, or modified versions, many of which play very differently to Angband.

Angband itself is currently maintained by a rather loose-knit development team, who follow on from a long line of maintainers, hackers and other coders. Its code is available either under the GPLv2 or the now-archaic Angband licence, which was written before the idea of open source had gained much currency.


Angband has a long history of being developed in an open and community-driven way. If you want to get involved, we'd suggest:

We also have a pre-releases page which has the latest binaries for the "it might blow up in your face" development version of the game, available for Windows and OS X.