Angband Releases: 2.5.1


2.5.1 was released on 15th December 1993, just one week after the 2.5.0 beta release. It was Charles Swiger's first "official" release as Angband maintainer, having been blessed with the title by the FTP maintainer since the tentative 2.5.0-beta release the week before. It was still considered as being for testing purposes rather than a stable release.


  • Fixed inventory bug with taking off equipped items
  • Fixed delay causing divide-by-zero crashes
  • Made word of recall a toggle, not yes/no, as that seems to be less aggravating
  • Maybe fixed redisplay on edge of maps
  • Fixed open/topen/fopen/tfopen which already exists on some systems
  • Fixed a possible problem with displaying monster injury status
  • Fixed a problem displaying the level feelings
  • Fixed dropping worthless items in your home (they silently disappeared)
  • Silently reconnect invisible monsters (why does this happen?)
  • Fixed light redisplay while in stores (thanks to DGK)
  • Adjusted code to stop allocating too high plusses on magical items and too many bows of might/accuracy.
  • Fixed desc_monsters.c overrun causing crash when looking at ghosts
  • Added some bounds checking on reading options st 2.4 savefiles don't mess up
  • Readjusted magical plusses some more, made more things variable (such as AC + for Amulet of Magi, etc ad nauseaum), also caused prices to be more responsive to the pluses on the items
  • Redid monster fear code so that some monsters are 'fearless': E's, g's, most undead and demons except intelligent ones, and all immobile monsters
  • Added global variable monsterisafraid so that fear messages only occur after the player has gotten all of his swings; much nicer to look at
  • Monsters that heal themselves may 'regain their courage' when they cast heal
  • PDSM no longer resists disenchantment or shards -- so watch out! Note that Bladeturner still resists everything, so it becomes a better choice.