Angband Releases: 2.5.3


2.5.3 was released on 10th January 1994, as part of Charles Swiger's quickfire 2.5 series of releases. This was the first release Charles considered stable, rather than beta-quality.



  • Improved on the line of sight/in_bounds code to make it faster.
  • Tweaked the recall monster code some.
  • Added support for HPUX thanks to Chris Ang.
  • Sped up the code some (by macroizing some stuff).
  • Switched description of "the Ring of Power" to "the One Ring".
  • Added support for Ultrix thanks to Eugene Hung.
  • Moved the gender code into the creaturelist array and reordered the descriptions so that desclist[i] = c_list[i], this was a pain, but I caught a few more inconsistencies doing so.
  • Anduril is now "The Longsword 'Anduril'", thanks J.Kewley.
  • Added an option "plain_descriptions" so that items will be displayed without their 'flavor' if that's what the user prefers.
  • Modified object creation so that it makes objects at the average of the dun_level and the creature's level.
  • Added flag for haggling rather than a compile-time define.
  • Touched up a few artifacts (Beleg C. -> Belthronding), Sting vs. Weapon of Westernesse, made artifacts display a little more info (searching, infra)
  • Moved Master Mystics to dun_level 50.
  • Redid some of the object description code to give more informative messages and to avoid some braindamage.
  • Added option to display weight for equipment list (seperate from inven list) because new descriptions can be longer and will overrun the available space.
  • Made monsters resist damage from weapons a little better.
  • Large kobolds resist poison too.
  • Made pits not activate the "special" message but vaults will.
  • Improved HPUX support (thanks to Chris Ang)


  • Fixed a typo giving Bladeturner +305 to AC (thanks DGK).
  • Fixed some code that fails on K&R compilers, and reorganized the static prototypes so they'll do some good for non-ANSI compilers.
  • Fixed 'screen too small for moria' message to read 'Angband'.
  • Turned down the delays a little.
  • Worked around the 'infamous monster heal bug', when restoring savefiles.
  • Fixed a few more monster descriptions (made worm mass descriptions consistent).
  • Fixed 'Set of Cestus' to 'Set of Cesti'.
  • Reindented the whole set of source code; use 4-2 indenting & a 90 col editor reindentation has revealed some questionable syntax RE: '=&' vs '= &' which may have caused some subtle bugs.
  • Fixed monsters running away due to '= -' versus '-='.
  • Fixed up some of the library files.
  • Fixed some bugs in the util.c for supporting microsleep on those machines that need it.
  • Fixed possibly letting character go up and down stairs first 100 turns and get feelings each time.
  • Made see invisible never auto-detect, as this is not worth fixing right.
  • Fixed keypad wizard commands (made 'em the save as the rogue wizard commands).
  • Fixed a few more '= -' expressions.
  • Fixed a bug in the wizard level identify code.
  • Fixed Makefile bug ".o.c" versus ".c.o".
  • Fixed unique deaths not being recalled if you can't see them when they die.
  • Patched a few more non-ANSI-compiler problems, & min/max.
  • Fixed teleporting leaving lighted area with wide-area light.
  • Fixed a possible lighting bug (casting light spell with light item), and made unlighting a little more impressive.
  • Fixed overlong inscriptions (thanks
  • Fixed minor misspellings.
  • Tried to fix up some minor lighting errors; also touched up a monster or two.
  • Fixed object descriptions displaying the p1 value inappropriately (+x).
  • Removed LINT_ARG define so that we always get function prototypes.
  • Tweaked the Makefile some more (make clean does better now).
  • Removed need for -fwritable-strings [TL].
  • Added const char * declarations all over the place (very painful); note that the player ghost violate the const char * of the monster list.
  • Fixed fleeing monsters trying to run through doors.
  • Made wide-area light light up "knight-move" (L's) squares.
  • Error in "if (tptr->name2 = SNATTACKS)" fixed (BIG thanks to