Angband Releases: 2.5.4


2.5.4 was released on 3rd February 1994, as part of Charles Swiger's quickfire 2.5 series of releases. It was considered a beta release.


  • Fixed scrolls of darkness not blinding you for a round.
  • Fixed bug fix empty savefiles causing crashes
  • Tweaked more object descriptions
  • Objects with negative magical bonuses do the right things in the self-knowledge code
  • Wizard mode ^A does "removeallcurse"....
  • Maybe fixed a bug attempting to uncurse mega-cursed items
  • Cleaned up some other minor items
  • Fixed {mass} genocide not identifying itself always... (
  • Added support for Atari (thanks Chris Herborth@53iss6.waterloo.NCR.COM)
  • Artifact check now displays to screen [cba]
  • Added unique check [cba]
  • Fixed scorefile not existing bug yet again
  • Moved & documented ALLOWARTIFACTCHECK compile option, which allows non-wizards to see the list of generated artifacts
  • Fixed more system function prototypes (in part, tl)
  • Fixed save-file byte order problem [tl]