Angband Releases: 2.6.0


2.6.0 was a testing version released on 4th September 1994, incorporating a large number of bugfixes and improvements, and merging in those changes that were considered to have worked well in PCAngband. This was the last large incorporation of ideas from PCAngband - from this point until the variant explosion, development of the game happened in one place.


  • Monster recall indicates good / special treasures
  • Adjusted the stores so that some shopkeepers have a higher amount of gold available, and the Black Market makes much more reasonable offers
  • Monsters now usually wake up when their rooms get lit...
  • Non-wizards can only check artifacts if on town level
  • Added 'satisfy hunger' option (instead of 'create food')
  • Adjusted magical bonuses a little more
  • Roughly doubled demon ('&') hitpoints to make them more reasonable
  • Stairs on town level now are always lit
  • Incorporated patches for OS/2 support [pb]
  • Added support for {Free,Net}BSD [pb]
  • Radical save-file cleanup, including: fixing invis. monster, saving old_turn, saving monster max hp and fear, saving player fear, additional space for flags
  • Fixed a minor bug in monster recall displays
  • Fixed some minor problems in the scorefile routines [js]
  • Cleaned up the code here and there
  • Fixed a bug generating treasure in vaults that resulted in slightly worse treasure then intended [hmj HMJ@IPG.PH.KCL.AC.UK]
  • Fixed a few other monster problems
  • Fixed a bug displaying inventory when you weren't carrying anything
  • Cleaned up how the scores are displayed some
  • Fixed a minor glich with the recall code (single spaces at the start of a line)
  • Fixed a bug always generating "cloak [1,0]"
  • Fixed bugs with SECURE functioning under the Andrew File System
  • Fixed a bug with stattype being trashed with prtstat() and cnv_stat()
  • Fixed a bug with multiple missile weapons' damage bonus accumulating [randy@PICARD.TAMU.EDU (Randy Hutson)]
  • Fixed some minor problems with heavy weapons and BLESSED_BLADES [dbd]
  • Undid new lighting to avoid dbd's wrath :-)
  • Fix bug with '|' (see uniques) command [ken (kw)]
  • Fixed running with wide-area light bug (very cool!)
  • Fixed bugs with spellbooks [kw]
  • Fixed messaging punctuation
  • Fixed major bug with line_spell() overwriting the stack (!)
  • Creeping 'xxx' coin monsters always generate 'xxx' treasure
  • Opening a chest will no longer generate chests in the treasure drop

From PCAngband 1.40

  • Incorporated new attacks/round table
  • Fixed nether bolt damage
  • Creatures that multiply don't do so if only seen via telepathy
  • Speed now burns up food less rapidly, since speed is less powerful
  • Cuts now behave better with odd constitution adjustments
  • Fixed clearing commands from get_com via Escape
  • Artifacts now don't waste a turn when Escaping from using them
  • Cubragol's fiery enchantment now seeks out unenchanted bolts rather then simply failing if the first bolt listed is enchanted
  • ...also, C's bolts now resist fire
  • Totila now really does confuse monsters
  • Using spikes now decreases one's encumbrance
  • Cleaned up the dungeon generation code some more
  • Fixed 'buried in rock' bug with escorts in vaults
  • Incorporated new bow & missile ammo code
  • New lighting (again :-)
  • Wizards have the option to cheat death
  • Players still gain a little experience even after life draining
  • Tunneling (stone to mud) will sometimes produce an object under rubble
  • Better object throwing code (many items won't disappear)