Angband Releases: 2.7.9v6



Version 2.7.9v6 was released on 14th April 1996 by Ben Harrison as part of the series of release leading up to the intended-to-be-stable 2.8.0. As such, it consisted almost entirely of bugfixes and behind-the-scenes tweaks. It also improved handling of old savefiles, something Ben thought particularly important in "stable" releases.


  • The savefile loading process was repaired and improved. It is now possible to correctly load pre-2.7.0 savefiles, including old "MacAngband 1.0" savefiles, old "MacAngband 2.0.3" savefiles, old "PC Angband 1.4" savefiles.
  • The Borg has been updated, and is no longer included with the official source archive, but can now be found in "\/angband\/Borg/", along with various other materials related to the Borg. There is a new "Borg" section on the Official Angband Home Page.
  • The "debug" commands have been separated from "wizard mode", with their own "savefile marker" flag, and independent verification of usage, similar to the method used for the "borg" commands.
  • The "-w" option will now allow you to correctly restore a dead character, using the "cheat death" code. The "cheat death" code now kicks in after the player has "died", and cancels the "death".
  • The "updateview()" and "updatelite()" functions were optimized (again) since "update_view()" is a major bottleneck when resting.
  • The class titles were restored, with one title per five levels.
  • The source files were re-formatted, using four space indentation per block, and aligned stand-alone curly braces. A few of the "main-xxx.c" files were ignored because they were beyond repair.
  • The "mirror" window can now be used to show debugging messages (currently used only for the Borg).
  • The "mirror" window can now be used to show an overhead view of the map (normally updated only when the map sector changes).
  • The "windows" now work correctly with the Windows version. Note that the scrolls bars were removed, and all windows are resizable, up to the maximum size of 80x24.
  • The "lib" folder now "works" with older Macintosh computers.
  • Memory wiping now clears inscriptions generated by "sensing".
  • Reading unknown scrolls of identify is no longer dangerous, and using unaware wands/staffs/etc now works correctly with the choice window.
  • The "handlestuff()" function was broken into three sub-functions, "noticestuff()", "updatestuff()", and "redrawstuff()", each using a separate bit flag set, for various reasons. The "notice_stuff()" function now handles everything which can only be done between player turns, including pack rearrangement.
  • The colors for "main-ibm.c" and "main-win.c" were changed slightly to match the "official" colors (red, light red, and violet), and "main-win.c" was changed to use the new "colortable" array. The "Termuser()" hook in "main-win.c" is now used to allow the user to force complex color or palette abilities.
  • All messages are now split if they exceed 72 characters.
  • The "msgprint()" and "getxxx()" functions have been changed, primarily to simplify the "msg_print()" function. The top line of the screen should now, in general, be used only for "messages", temporary queries, and certain special full screen interactions.
  • Player ghosts are no longer created, nor loaded from savefiles. They will not be restored until the player ghost code has been completely rewritten.
  • The refueling code was repaired and improved.
  • Item inscriptions now resist destruction by stacking.
  • Changing the "rogue-like commands" option works "better".
  • Some more options were removed or modified slightly.
  • Artifacts are marked "(charging)" when they are charging.
  • The "DELAYRINFO_TEXT" compilation option is now functional, and allows the "monster race descriptions" to be read from disk as needed, instead of keeping them in memory and using 60K.
  • The "verification" code was moved from "initfilepaths()" to "show_news()", allowing system-specific path modification.