Angband Releases: 2.7.6


Version 2.7.6 was released on 24th May 1995, as part of Ben Harrison's continuing attempt to overhaul the game's codebase and fix the bugs introduced as a result. This release fixed various bugs, and added some new features like the "monster health bar".

Changelist [*1]

  • Allow more objects to be used from the floor
  • Bugfix for a long-standing "invisible monster" bug
  • Some similar ego types were separated out into separate "types", with associated code improvement
  • Some code optimisations.
  • Monster speeds can now be specified fractionally in the monster edit files.
  • New options to display labels and weights in the "choices" window
  • Options overhauled, not loaded from savefiles from earlier versions
  • '=' now works during character creation to set "birth" options
  • E'x'amine command added to inspect currently targeted location.
  • Solitary street urchins removed to free up index 0 for empty grids.
  • '/' command improved
  • Some summoning and pit changes
  • Killing 30,000 of a given monster in a game stops them from being created again.
  • Monster health bar added to display a rough idea of the state of the last monster attacked.

[*1]:The changelist has been pieced together from newsgroup postings around the time of release - it is unlikely to be complete and may not be accurate.