Angband Releases: 4.0.2



Version 4.0.2 had more bugfixes and an improvement of monster spell messages, and was released on Sunday 6 September 2015.


  • New monster spell messages - thanks Elsairon
  • Put subwindow options in a separate file so they work for all characters
  • Order quiver ammo from worst to best
  • Make resting and statusline display for deep descent work like for recall


  • Stop wrong timed effect happening
  • Make cheating death work
  • Make monster lore saving always work
  • Correct melee hit chance calculation
  • Make artifact knowledge show correctly
  • Fix starlight effect (plus some other potential projection issues)
  • Make monster lore save properly after probing
  • Give correct path to tiles in the SDL port
  • Stop monsters shooting other monsters
  • Calculate timed effects (notably temporary resists) properly
  • Limit visual updates during running and resting, speeding these up
  • Track the equipment count correctly
  • Stop the charges from a destroyed device being deducted twice
  • Small changes to build system to work better for servers and BSD
  • Improve bounds checking for grids, preventing some crashes
  • Make the quiver command symbol appear in help file display
  • Fix lack of artifacts
  • Several other minor code improvements