Angband Releases: 3.3.0



Angband 3.3.0 was released on 31st July 2011, and had several significant changes from 3.2.0:

  • Dungeon generation had its first major overhaul for two decades. As well as rooms and vaults, pits and nests you will now find special "cavern" and "labyrinth" levels occasionally. Both of these new level types, for different reasons, can be quite dangerous.

  • Level feelings were redesigned to separate danger from reward, with the latter getting a delay on each new level.

  • Objects may now have up to three pvals, which are displayed in . So an object may provide +1 to STR and +2 to stealth at the same time.

  • The old macro system was removed and keymaps revamped to provide the functionality in a hopefully clearer way.

  • Destroying items was changed to squelch the individual item instead.

  • Resistances were revamped, and "protections" introduced against non-damaging effects (such as stun).

  • Some items have been rebalanced: Dragon Scale armours are no longer quite so frequently powerful, and magical effects which hinder monsters (slow, sleep, confuse, scare) are now more useful. Elemental rings no longer boost your melee damage. Teleport Other is now a bolt, affecting only one monster at a time, and Destruction now removes artifacts as well as monsters. Potions that cure wounds are no longer quite so powerful.

  • Spiking doors was made more useful, and locking doors introduced (by using the Disarm command). Monsters may take several turns to open/bash a locked and spiked door.