Angband Releases: 2.5.5


2.5.5 was released on 7th February 1994, as part of Charles Swiger's quickfire 2.5 series of releases. This was considered a stable release.



  • Darkness breath and scrolls now blind you for a while (like light breath)
  • Level feeling now saved in the save file
  • Now display home inventory at death or part of char description [ct/dgk]
  • Everything that Slays Undead now is See Invisible
  • Made some SU weapons Hold Life, and some SE Blessed Blades
  • Whips of Fire now have Resist Fire
  • Made the low hitpoint warning more noticeable
  • Reduced MAX_{T,M}ALLOC to 400 and 600 respectively to reduce memory hogging for those systems which would appreciate this....
  • Caused create food to fill you up and not create an item [cba]


  • Fixed chests to generate treasure at the correct level [dbd]
  • Fixed self_knowledge code wrt negative p1 values (again)
  • Maybe fixed some more header file braindamage
  • Tried to fix a bug where stackable items could be placed over your weapon, causing you to lose the weapon
  • Fixed a bug displaying (+0) digging implements
  • Fix so that storebought chests don't give hellacious treasure (backwards compatibility problem w/ old savefiles)
  • Fixed small display glitch while rolling [ch]
  • Fixed msgs when throwing items at monsters
  • Fixed Belthronding not getting a "special level" msg
  • Added equippy chars [dgk/cba]
  • Fixed item colors not being randomly shuffled for new characters [dk]
  • Changed Celefarn->Celegorm, touched up a few other artifact names